A Breakthrough Challenge

The metaverse, which is expressed in a three-dimensional space where social and economic activities like the real world are accepted, is combined with funerals and memorial halls.

Innovative Technology

Based on our own patented technology,we combine AI technology and metaverse technology to recreate the voices of the deceased and companion animals to create a more realistic memorial space.


Pet Space

Pets that have been raised can also be saved with AI voice recognition technology and equipped with the technology in the Metaverse Memorial Hall so that when the owner calls you can hear the barking like they are alive.

You can also dress them in the same clothes they used to grow at the Metaverse Memorial Hall, and feed them with food.

Based on the metaverse AI platform technology developed by the company,
it is possible to encounter even after separation from pets.

  • Entrance of the Animal metaverse memorial hall

  • The inside of Animal metaverse memorial hall

  • Playground
    Pet shop

The function of the memorial hall

Various themes of the memorial hall, table setting, religious theme hall, avatars, costumes, food, etc., can be set up by direct family members.

A Metaverse Memorial Hall System is welcomed by all members.

Set various themes and decorate avatars

All themes in the memorial hall, table settings, religious theme halls, avatars, costumes, food, etc., can be set so that immediate family members can organize and stay.
ex) All items such as fruit, pork, beef, clothing space, etc. are characterized and configured as products

The religion themes of memorial hall

Depending on the religion of the bereaved or the deceased, you can select and purchase a religious theme.

    We plan to create an AI voice service and a memento exhibition room for conversations with the deceased before they were alive and mount them in the AI Metaverse Memorial Hall. Animals also save their voices (in a cloud server) and load them into AI voice service-based animal memorials. We are planning and developing an AI Metaverse Memorial Hall where you can play with dogs and shop within the Metaverse Memorial Hall.

    Additionally, if you want to make a phone call with the deceased, we will run a voice recognition service through the cloud server to recognize the deceased's existing number on the mobile phone and make a call after setting a designated date.